A table full of soups and sandwiches ! choose one soup and two sandwiches pp. for $26


Pumpkin soup with sour cream and blue cheese crouton.
Velvet creamy onion soup, topped with crunchy fried onion.
Loaded Seafood chowder, calamari, octopus, fish and shrimp.
Creamy Mushroom thyme butter roasted bread crouton.


From the panini machine (yes we take our lazing hot panini machine with us).
Cuban panini mustard, pernil, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles.
Pizza panini, prosciutto, mozzarella, parmesan, oregano, pizza sauce.
Chicken Chipotle panini with avocado and queso Blanco.
Homemade Colombian chorizo and chimichurri.

Open faced Sandwiches

Carpaccio with pesto, Pine nuts, parmesan cheese and rucola.
Smoked salmon with creamy horseradish , red onion and caper.
Goat cheese roasted eggplant, zucchini , balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.
Smoked Turkey, apple and brie and thousand Island dressing.
Fluffy hardboiled egg salad sandwich with mustard mayonnaise, pickles and paprika powder chorizo and chimichurri.

Vegetarian Escabeche Bloody Mary

with vegetarian bacon and pickled vegetables

Burger Bloody Mary

cheese burger slider, bacon, olives, pickles, pearl onion,celery

Shrimp appetizer Bloody Mary

(add$6) 6 big shrimps, bacon, olives, celery, lemon



Hash brown eggs and bacon nest topped with sliced avocado.
Warm smoked Chilean salmon and poached egg on waffle , spinach, deep-fried caper.
Blue cheese quiche Lorraine with poached caramelized pear.
Smoked duck breast on salad, balsamic glaze, orange parts, candied orange zest.
14 hours smoked Texas style sliced Brisket with rucola, caramelized pearl onions truffle mayonnaise and parmesan cracker.
Fresh Gazpacho with grilled shrimp skewer and queso blanco roasted cracker

Home cured Pastrami sandwich spiced with coriander seeds, mustard seeds, ginger powder, brown sugar with Russian dressing and coleslaw.
Bruschetta platter: Tomato/basil

Goat cheese truffle honey
Prosciutto mozzarella basil olive oil 

Pumpkin soup with sour cream and blue cheese crouton
Velvet creamy onion soup, topped with crunchy fried onion
Fresh Waffle with red berries


Key lime pie and a la minute flash burnt merengue
Quesillo with Caribbean fruit
Creamy vanilla Pannacotta with sweet red berry


What about a refreshing Sangria red or white $20 per pitcher.
What about endless Mimosas $20 pp.

American Caribbean BBQ • Lunch or Dinner

We smoke low and slow in our own Ole Hickory smoker with our authentic Aruban kwihi hard wood

4 Choices for$45

Texas style Pork belly ‘pepper salt garlic powder’ glazed with apple juice and apple cider
Grilled skirt steak with chimichurri sauce and roasted potatoes
Texas style brisket ‘pepper salt garlic powder’ smoked in the ‘Ole Hickory’
smoker (only on up front special request)
BBQ smoked Loin ribs
Sweet and tangy Pulled pork
BBQ chicken thighs ………out of the salty brine, then smoked ….so soft and tender.
Homemade chorizo’s ….we make our own chorizo’s from scratch. Ask us which one we
have in stock Colombian, Spanish, Italian, Bratwurst, English banger, Chicken roasted
Salmon fillet out the salty brine, smokey and again so soft
Lightly seasoned sliced Smoked turkey breast
Seasoned big Shrimp skewer

We come prepared with our sides!

Homemade Chipotle sauce
Crunchy Coleslaw
Cilantro mayonnaise
Sour cream and lime potato salad
Sweet and tangy BBQ sauce Texas toast chorizo and chimichurri.

Please choose 4 of these beautiful savory dishes and add one dessert for $40pp
Add extra savory dish for $8.50