Patrick van der Donk

Patrick van der Donk

French-inspired in style yet often locally sourced in creation. Caribbean and internationally infused with an exceptional palate. That’s the best way to describe our highly skilled Chef Patrick van der Donk. 

Chef Patrick has been running his own food and beverage business for more than a decade. His own ‘Amuse Bistro’ in The Playa Linda Hotel and after that ‘Amuse Sunset Restaurant Aruba’ were amongst Aruba’s finest restaurants. At the moment he combines his private chef adventures with his new restaurant called ‘The Journey’ located right next to the red windmill in Palm beach,  another gem where he only serves tops 6 tables per night with a set 5-course menu and optional wine pairing.  A must-visit when in Aruba.

By his side for almost 2 decades is his lovely wife and fellow businesswoman Ivette Benavides, who is also a renowned sommelier and award-winning bartender on the island of Aruba.

Chef Patrick van der Donk and his wife Ivette Benavidez have been on a remarkable journey in the world of food and beverages. They have gained extensive professional orientation and experience in prestigious, award-winning restaurants as employees. Moreover, for over a decade, they have honed their craft as restaurant owners, specializing in creating customized private events, family dinners, and special menus that meet their customers’ unique needs.

Recently, Chef Patrick and Ivette embarked on a new culinary adventure with the opening of their latest restaurant, The Journey. This restaurant features an open Chefs’ table concept, inviting diners to watch the artistry of the chefs in action while enjoying a delectable meal. Their expertise in the food and beverage industry and their commitment to providing exceptional dining experiences have earned them a reputation as a trusted and talented team in the culinary world.